Are you a Parent?

Stay abreast of your child’s welfare while in the nursery.


mytoddlr is a mobile parenting and early childcare service uniquely built for you. Imagine a world where despite your busy schedule, your precious little one is only a few taps away.

Imagine you could easily track your child’s development and daily activities, share important, memorable moments in your child’s day. Imagine you could ensure your child’s security and easily communicate with the nursery. Well, imagine no more, your child’s personal assistant is here!

mytoddlr App

No more wondering what your little one is up to all day.

Daily Reports

Real-time feeds and information of your child’s activity throughout the day.

Milestones and Trends

Track milestones achieved and new habits your child develops as they grows e.g. new feeding habit, changes in the nap schedule. etc.


Enrol authorized adults to pick up your child and get alerts when your little one is picked up or dropped off.


People forget things, that’s normal. That’s why reminders can be set for medicine to be taken at the particular times they should be taken. Nothing is left to chance with mytoddlr.

Multimedia feeds

Receive pictures and videos of your child’s amazing activities right on your mobile device.


Receive insights and reports such as your child’s cumulative nap time a week, amount of potty breaks, etc.

Family access

Family members like grandparents, brothers and sisters may also have access. And of course you give out or retract this access as you wish. You’re in total control.

Be Involved

Knowing what your child was up to all day will enable you know how to strengthen this learning process at home.

Are you a Nursery?

mytoddlr helps you save MONEY and TIME by digitally updating parents on
their children’s welfare while in your care.

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How it works

See how mytoddlr grants you peace of mind in 5 steps.


Sign up to invite your
child’s nursery.


We will contact and
sign up the nursery.


The teachers record
your child’s activities.


See your child’s progress.



Enjoy peace of mind.