mytoddlr App

Everything you need to power your nursery, all in one place.

Daily Reports

Real-time feeds and information including meals, meds and nap times delivered right into the palm of parents.


Digitally check in and check out staff and children. Generate, track & export.

Observations and learning

Capture learning activities and observations in pictures, add your notes and share instantly with parents.

Billing (soon)

Create different tariffs -full day, after school club etc. – and send automated invoices and bill to parents.

Messaging & Communication

Easily create messages, newsletters or announcements to be sent to parents individually, by class group or across the whole school.

Photo sharing

Easily capture and share classroom moment in real time


Adding new children, promoting children and removing children who are moving on from your setting is as easy as it could.

Reports generation

Generate attendance reports, reports for children’s learning activities, sleepy charts and nappy charts with just one click.

  • It’s a great idea & encouraging that my daughter’s nursery is progressive in their thinking about how to communicate with parents.

    Emily WilliamsParent, Bumblebees, London, UK.
  • You have helped my nursery save money on writing paper daily reports and also saved my staff time on writing these reports, Thank you.

    Joann OsajiFounder Spectacular kidz day nursery, London ,UK.
  • I have looked at many apps over the last couple of years and yours is the first app that enables a nursery to simply communicate with parents with some structure outside of texts or emails

    Russell TraylingFounder, Foxley Nursery School, Reading, UK.

No setup fee

Pay absolutely nothing upfront, Download our app, setup your nursery, classes and children within minutes

Add multiple centers (soon)

Add as many centers as you want, we will not charge you for having multiple centers.

All in one

Manage all the major aspects of your setting all from one simple platform.

Easy to use

 No technical expertise required, just a simple to use mobile and web app.

Built for you

 Owners, managers and industry experts have all contributed and are still contributing to building mytoddlr and that is why it works.

Save time

Spend less time writing observations and daily dairies and making scrapbooks, gluing in photos. Use this beautifully built all in one solution built for you.

Save money

Save thousands on staffing and printing cost yearly.